Performance: Mother/Daughter Tea

1:00pm, Sat, May 13 2023

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Performance
    Start time: 1:00pm
    End time: 3:00pm
    Venue: St Luke's UMC

    Event time is 1-3pm
    20 minute performance at the beginning of the event (aprox 1:30pm)
    We have been invited to stay and join the event.

    Meet @ Door 6 @ 12:30pm to be taken to the Fellowship Hall for warm up.

    Event will be held in the Great Hall.

    Time: Sing 1:30 pm - 1:50 pm in the Grand Hall, meet at Door 6 @ 12:30 pm

    Costumes:  Solid, scarf coordinating top, logo color scarf, new earrings, 2023 medals and black slacks or skirt.

    Event Plan: Meet at door 6 at 12:30pm.  We will be escorted to the Fellowship Hall for warm up and will perform in the Great Hall at approx. 1:30pm.  We have also been invited to stay and enjoy the event.


    Hire us/Sing with us cards – Karrie 

              CCC contact cards – Karrie 

    Set List: 

    Once Upon a Time

    Oh! Look at Me Now

    emcee - Karrie

    Sitting on Top of the World

    emcee - Debbie

    Side by Side

    emcee - Ashley

    Don’t Stop

    Change the World

    emcee - Karrie

    God Bless the America